Release Candidate

The big update!

I bit the bullet and uploaded what I've got going! I had a bunch of missing pictures that worked fine on my localhost server but went missing on the site. I have learned that we've got some capitalization issues, hahaha...

I finally completed all of my commissions pages, and I'm quite happy with the progress so far. I've installed Logseq over the past few days, somewhat tracking my progress. Not only do I have some January commissions updated, I've completed a ton of my gallery pages. Not everything, of course. My biggest one is the OC pages collection, about 135 images added to a json for uploading, with titles and alt text too. I split commissions into multiple types over many days, making them much more bearable.

A very unprofessional checklist of things I have done or need to do for the site

I am quite the professional when it comes to my own notes.