Been a while since I worked on this...

Well, holy cow it's been a bit. I know it's been literal months since I updated the website itself, but here I am on my backend(?) finally doing some updates... kind of. As of this post I still don't have my site uploaded. I ended up buying myself a new laptop for Christmas, and between that, feeling unwell, and just having a pile of things to catch up on, I ended up waylaying my work here. I'm going to have to relearn my layout and shortcuts but it'll hopefully be faster than previous ones. Some art included is an image for glittiewings, the final image for iinasmuch's calendar project (I hope it turned out nice), three adoptable designs for a closed species group I'm in (if this makes zero sense, I'm sorry), some Christmas freebies, two Secret Santas, and my biggest project: painting a huge Pokemon mural! I already have three commissions for January in the bag, along with a tiny thing for a digital zine, too. January is also Jamuary (and in turn, Jameowary), so I'm not starving for things to do right now.

In the heart of procrastination, I spent the past week speeding through Pokemon Sword to get some of my missing mons for my living dex. I'm only missing a couple non-DLC GMax mons and I have a couple holes that seem to be unfilled just via the fact that I had been using those in raids (notably a Milotic), but I'll eventually look at the list and put those spots back in order. But I think it's about time I get back to working on, so I've noted my to-dos in Logsec and I'm going to live off of the endorphins given via checking things off a checklist.

Currently, I am dreading updating my image galleries! Thumbsup was disgustingly awful to update after I had installed all the dependancies on nunjucks (which froze a ton of my progress in December, really, and brainfog kept me from continuing). I told myself I'd continue once I got my laptop, but since I installed a debloater on Windows 11, it culled so much that it messed up a ton of installs, because git was no longer available. Oops.

When it comes to my new beast, I'm mostly satisfied. I haven't had any random crashes, which is big. My tablet works nicely, though the colors between my main screen and it are very different, perhaps my tablet is far too saturated? I haven't played many games outside of Spelunky 2, and I'm struggling to get small finicky things working, but one of them I've just ignored for the sole purpose of using my old laptop in my bedroom for it anyway. Somehow, my web browsing is slow and chuggy. Perhaps my upgrade was a sidegrade? I'm truly hoping to play something beefy soon to check out its power, though. One day. I'm enjoying Pokemon on my Switch on my downtime for the most part.

So here I am in VS Codium, making sure everything is working as-is. So far 11ty's --serve works, and that's a big plus. I'll be adding my newest finished art and testing thumbsup once I'm done typing here. Did I install it already? Let's find out.

Nope. 😩 Errors left and right.

Okay! Got it working but it still seems to have errors. Oh well.