Hello, World!

This is my first blog post using Eleventy and Nunjucks!

Testing an image thing in Markdown

I have had so many problems today! Wow! But this templating thing is going to make updates so much faster for me. ...Once I iron out the bugs.

I'm not uploading my updates yet, as things would be immensely broken if I did, but here's a record of what I've been doing! All my front-facing pages are up and working, for the most part. This includes Home, About, Commissions, Contact, Galleries, Social Media, and my ToS. This Updates page isn't quite working correctly, however I've very haphazardly frankenstein'd like at least three codes together, so I just have to make sure they play properly and I fully understand them and this will be good to go. I've also finally settled on names for all my commission types and I'll be shuffling them around a little bit. I was told that Speedpaints and Colored Sketches are too unprofessional-sounding, and Illustrations would work better for it. My Non-chibi section is now Figures, since they're all just character-based.

I know it's been quite a while since my last update. Youmacon went... alright. I didn't make my goal but I wasn't too horribly off. I really messed up my back around that time and while I hope I was able to mask it, it's really killed most of my productivity this past month, so I haven't been doing too much that I could upload. However! Over the past couple weeks I've been making a side-site for my OCs, which is going to replace my Neocities page, and I've been practicing this 11ty and Nunjucks combo over there, so I haven't been too dead to the world. I've also been doing some on and off programming on my Toyhouse pages, too. I've got a pretty rad new commissions entry there, heh.

Well, in the midst of backporting my update entries, I think I might be able to say this is the 2.0 version of the site mentioned in my September 26 entry. Even though I don't have PHP or anything, there's tons of useful automation. I'm okay with this.

Ah, a note to myself: update all the links in the older updates to be correct.