Gallery Navigation added.

Not a whole lot to say about today's site update; but at least the header is mostly done now. I'll have a proper header added/finished once I do my sitemap, which will be the very last big site update, after doing my galleries. I also altered my footer, though the way things are cached, some people will see the change, and others won't.

In other news, I'm almost done prepping for Youmacon. I've ordered a pile of business cards, prints, and stickers and they cost around the price of a gently-used kidney; hopefully I will make the prices back... I'm quite nervous; it seems Youma isn't doing too hot in both preparation and in the social media circles. I prefer sitting at chill, small cons, but Youma's so close to home I can sleep there every night, and I actually made it in, so I'm not going to squelch my chances.

I'm also working on turning my neocities page into a 'worldbuilding and whatever' page, and I've sketched up an interesting little template for OC info and art. One day will implode and I don't want to lose all my worldbuilding. At the very least I'll have a side-host and/or a local copy of all my important little beans I doodle.